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After 16 years in high paced, high competitive corporate level technology sales, I am seeking new ventures more in alignment with the calling and anointing God has graciously given me. On October 5, 2018 I experienced a literal physical death, what I now refer to as “The Experience” and some may refer to it as a Near Death Experience. Over the 8 months following the experience, I have been afforded the opportunity for training and transition, taught by Holy Spirit and directed by God daily. My spiritual gifts in the prophetic realm and sincere compassion make me well suited and interested in almost any position where helping others in crisis is needed, outreach efforts need refreshing, art programs need creation and implementation, high levels of intuitive discernment are necessary, teaching and seeing in spirit are involved.  Intercessory prayer and one on one prayer are areas I am very comfortable with and enjoy doing. Agape Love is my most prominent gifting. I am able to view people in the purest perspective and draw that knowledge into context for a positive outcome in any situation.

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