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Current Status: Celebrated 21 years of marriage this year. Love spending time with family. Currently employed at UF. Testimony: I am a 11:30pm Christian, I came to Christ as a last hope effort. On Friday, December 3, 1988, at 8pm, I had planned to take my life. At precisely, 7:30pm, my older sister who was a new Christian showed up. She asked me if I was happy and I told her no, she told me about Jesus and I gave my life to Him. As a freshman in high school, I struggled with life and on September 16, 1989, I recommitted my life to Christ to be forever changed. I have worked with 6 different churches since then. God leading me every step and being called to serve with the knowledge I was given from the 1st Church as a Sound Man. Youth Conference in DC in ’91, Choir tours visiting prisons ’92. Mission trips: Ecuador ’93, México ’94, Bahamas ’04, Nicaragua ’09. Schooling: Livets Ord Bible College in Uppsala, Sweden from 1994-1995. Graduated with a Certificate in the Bible. *As part of the Bible college graduation, spent 2 weeks in Israel ’95 – walking the steps of Jesus. Interests: I love spending time with my wife, friends & family, animals, watching sunsets and fireworks, swimming in oceans and pools, and serving God. Hobbies: Spending time with my wife-relaxing, taking pictures & videos of life, family, and everywhere I go, listening to books on Audible, playing games, and watching TV shows and movies. I trust in the Lord with my all, and all my ways are His.

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