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I’ve been a member of the United Pentecostal Church International since 1973 when I first inter-church at the behest of my grandparents I was a member of the First Apostolic Church until I was a teenager and then I became a member of Calvary Tabernacle Indianapolis was in the youth choir there and preached at some nursing homes has a 17 year old boy under the direction of brother and sister Joe Webb. As I got older I strayed from the church,   but I always kept my eyes on God seem as I seemed to have pursued life for all it was worth ended up in a mechanic’s and law enforcement career that was cut short due to some health issues and even yet to this day I still talk to God every single night and I think the opportunities that he presents to us should not be held but should be shared. So I considered this membership as part of a networking tool for the chance to learn more and gain more ground in the the pursuit of having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and somehow the things that we do would benefit his kingdom and in all things give him glory and honor.

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