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I serve as a Chaplain for four different Ministries & Churches, in Southern California, I serve with the Gideon’s for 15 years now, I’m a Bereavment Minister Grad, High school Grad and Bible School studies. I am a Bond Servant to our Lord Christ Jesus and share His Word and Love with all I meet. Being handicapped that I am can in some cases be a problem, but as Phil. 4:13 says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and He does. I’m always sure to walk in the rooms of the individuals I visit in Nursing Homes, Hospitals,  Convalescent Hospitals, Senior Living, and Shut ins, because most of them know I’m 85% metal over half of my body from mid back down and I want to encourage them that they can do all things through Christ. Sometimes I have help but walk in I do. I love reading God’s Holy Word, it is so powerful in so many ways, the book of Isaiah tells us that His Word will not return void, but accomplish what it set out to do. Another passion I have is for animals, my Donations go as follows Church first, Missions and Missions overseas and Animal Rights. My best friends are my wife Sue and my Dog Alley, Alley is always by my side and shows that unconditional love ❤️ that only Dogs can show. When I’m out doing my Chaplain visits and come accross someone who does not know the Lord but wants a generic 🙏 prayer I use the law or 10  commandments to show them that they are sinners and need a savior to redeem them from God’s wrath, which they would face apart from Jesus. My Mother went home to be with the Lord resently and I am doing the Graveside Service, prayers will be appreciated and so I need to go.

Blessings to all, and to my Brothers and Sisters, I ❤️ Love you all ! !

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Casey A. Walker

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I have served the Lord for the past 36 years, Bible Schooled for 20 years and served as a Chaplain for four different ministries for the past 15 years, TBBF Church (on staff), Gideons International, IFCChaplains and the NACM, Certified and Registered # 3869. I retired 10 years ago from my job with LAUSD School Board and my life is seeking God’s will every day as I served Him to bring God the glory and honor Him. I am handicapped due to accidents and 85% of my lower body is metal, my thorn that I carry is pain but I can due all things through Christ who strengthens me. I seek to serve, love and share with all.



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