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My name is Timothy. I was born and raised in Akron Ohio. I am a father of 5 and grandpa of one. As a teen a was apart of a youth group for the Assemblies of God. At the age of 17 I had a disire to speak to the youth something I felt the Holy Spirit had placed on my heart. It was then I knew God had called me to ministry. At that time specifically Youth Ministry. I went to a Bible School in Columbus OH called School of the Spirit and is now Valor Christian College. I left Bible school and was the youth minister for the AoG in North Carolina. A few years later I felt God moving me into going to the streets and sharing Christ with the homeless. I took a counseling position for the homeless in Tampa and was working on finishing my Bachelor’s in Min. After completing my Bachelor’s degree I moved back to my home town and received my state license in counseling. I took a position with a Christian drug and alcohol treatment facility for men. During this time a pastor asked me to travel sharing the delivering power of God and hope in him. Five years ago I decided to leave full time minisy to work in the public sector. Well last year God got my attention in a big way and it was time to go back into full time ministry. My wife, son and I have been using the last year to prepare for what God has next for us. As of right now we travel to schools (one a week) to intercede on behalf of the children and faculty. I also when God gives me a word do videos for different social media outlets. My wife and I are very excited to see what next season God has for us. We do agree that it’s in evangelism.

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