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Ministry has been part of my entire journey. I have ministered in almost every area of the church. I began online courses in 2012 through Nazarene Bible College seeking direction for my next part of my journey. In 2017 our district moved us to taking online courses through Northwest Nazarene Bible College. I have continued the courses and will be finished with all my course of studies  on May 26, 2019. But now I have come across a roadblock. We recently changed churches,  and are no longer attending a Nazarene denomination on Sunday mornings. We currently do still attend Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings in the Nazarene denomination. The reason for our Sunday morning change was due to me feeling called out to pursue Gods first call on my life, his original call, discipleship and sharing my story. In the community we live there is a Nazarene church, but both my husband and I did not feel like that was where God wanted us to attend. I continue to disciple with people from two churches and go into churches to share my story.  I received the news a few weeks ago in my district interview that the district cannot ordain me as a minister in the Nazarene church if I am not attending a Nazarene church on Sunday mornings because that is where the heartbeat of the church is. I currently have both my local and district license. I have not felt called to be a lead pastor of a church, but in order to be ordained through the Nazarene denomination I will have to preach their Sunday evening messages, but not discipleship, so it would mean I would be speaking the message each week for the purpose of being ordained, but outside of my call.  I need  this ordination in order to fulfill the call God has in my life. I know it would be difficult to get into churches without it. I am trying to get transcripts for all my courses, but it’s only to minister in Nazarene denomination. I plan on taking my last course, these courses have enhanced me in so many ways, but I need help getting my ordination papers so I can do what God has called me to do.

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