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I have a masters degree in theology from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. I am a published author of Christian fiction and non fiction (see // Several years ago I was ordained to be the associate pastor of a non-denominational church, however the church did not open. Since then I have been attending a Lutheran church where I am called to fill the pulpit when necessary.
I remain convinced that denominations serve a fine purpose, but the Kingdom of Christ ought not be bound by ‘traditions of men.’ While I do not believe anyone should simply be handed a title of ‘minister, ‘ I do believe that those who have been carefully instructed and have served others in the role of spiritual teacher and/or spiritual mentor as recognized by fellow believers over time are indeed, ministers of the Gospel.

My particular ministry is writing and teaching. My books are governed by my faith and written to offer the Gospel to others either overtly or via thematic fiction. My teaching is, as mentioned above, under the supervision of my Lutheran church which I attend but have not joined.

My wife, Sue, and I live on a small Pennsylvania farm where we raise livestock with an interest in humane methods. I am the father of two sons. My interests include genealogy, hiking, history and…if I ever get time…fishing.


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