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19 D Avon Circle, RyeBrook, MY 10573

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I am deeply appreciative and grateful of NACM ( member since 2014) for not only providing me the opportunity to become an ordained  female, but to have started an independent charter where development of two ministries can grow and flourish. In thanks and with a heart of gratefulness, I pray for strength and guidance in the Lord as well. My Church is Living Word Christian Church in White Plains, NY. Education: BS in Sciences, and MBA with emphasis in financial accounting with Iona College, New Rochelle, NY and Regis University in Denver, CO. Since 2007 I have been active in Community Bible Study, and about to train as a teaching director for CBS In Prison Ministry. Currently I am teaching ESL with US cultural training in a global relocation firms. Additionally, I am answering the call to reestablish the Holy Spirit in teachings within the Bible in small bible groups in private homes, Charter, etc., or wherever requested. Thank you.  Because of y ou, in faith,   I am prayerfully in discernment of the Lord’s presence and revelation of a change in teaching and ministering within my reverence of the Holy Spirit — thankful for the Holy Spirit as I have known him since my Sunday School Church days –I remain deeply thankful for the fullness I received from God in this gift of discernment, grace, mercy, and truth taught in His word which provides insights that come from knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and a firm belief in God’s word.  In exaltation, I pray, as I move forward, ready to continue serving God in a mighty way!

I am praying for God to lead me into Spiritual discipline, and and strengthen to lead all to Christ with the words, …’Well done good and faithful servant. “

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