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I believed in God all my life, was born again in 1985, and Spirit-filled in 1990. I have lived in many places, allowing the Lord to lead me to wherever He wants me to be. I am a divorcee but I believe, as your website states, that that does not preclude me from being ordained a minister as through faith and much prayer I am no longer married due to circumstances that included for my safety to leave my two marriages. I am now single and not in a relationship, except with the Lord Jesus! I have three grown children who are all Christian and are either dating or married to Christian persons. I have six grandchildren, two of whom live with me (and their mother-my daughter). They are being brought up as Christian. I would like to be ordained because I am starting a nonprofit faith-based organization that has a prayer ministry component to it. I use to be a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for children in foster care and took one year of professional counseling at the Master’s level through Liberty University but due to an illness I didn’t graduate. I was in the Befriender Ministry through my local church, before I was divorced and moved, and was assigned cases by our pastors for lay Christian counseling. I am not employed other than in the work of starting the non-profit for our community, which has a high rate of drug use in families.

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