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Michael Cain, Kentuckyoffline

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I believe that through all the trials and tribulations of my life that God has called me to ministry. More specifically Christian counseling for marriage, abuse and addiction, as God has been with me throughout my own experience in all of these areas. I was sexually abused as a young teenager, self medicated (post deployment) with alcohol and if not for my amazing wife and Gods grace would be divorced. I now am a living testimony of Roman’s 8:28, no God did not “cause/plan” these terrible things to happen, that was the work of satan. However God through the Holy Spirit has seen me and my family through it all and now using me to share my testimony to glorify His name! I have started a psychology and clinical counseling batchelor degree at Regent University but current life situations I am not currently taking classes I hope to resume soon! I have been asked to officiate the marriage of my brother-in- law and always not sure about oline ordination. I have probably searched every thing online and then came across this organization. This is the only option that I have felt peace about while learning about who you are! I look forward to the training and mentorship you offer. In a nutshell this is me.

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