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Your description of the average person who applies for membership to the National Association of Christian Ministers is the perfect description of me. I’m college educated, have had many very varied positions, and am a big believer in “Research”.(Lol! That’s my wife laughing in the background…) Consequently, I have searched many online services that offer ordination, but most without any offer of training or Fellowship! These two factors are of primary concern for me as we set out to establish a new church offering practical application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my area, Long Island, NY.

I have been involved in several Ministries in the capacity of media engineer, or technical advisor and bible teacher. At the 2 specific Churches I’ve been involved with locally I have been offered the opportunity to be ordained as a Deacon (@ The Center of Excellence Church International.) and later as a “Minister designate” (@ The Greater True Vine Church) as I was teaching most of the Bible studies for that small church as a lay minister. Unfortunately, with both of these Ministries my wife and I had issues with the integrity, truthfulness, and transparency of the leadership in regard to business affairs. This unfortunately is a very sad circumstance that seems to be increasing in frequency in this Modern Age of “churchdom” vs. God’s Kingdom.

After seeking the Lord purpose in these experiences with much prayer, and introspection, my wife and I believe we are being called to birth a ministry in our region that actually “practices what we preach”… Without simply preaching it with “bright lights, and loud music”, but no true leaning on the Holy Spirit’s guidance and providence!

Our purpose is to create a Ministry that preaches the grace of God through Jesus Christ as the true gospel in a practical manner that people can use in their everyday living. We intend NOT just be another “Sunday go to church…” church… because Monday through Saturday is where people’s lives are lived!

I appreciate and agree with your Statements of Faith, as well as the convictions undergirding them. I look forward to finding out more about your Association and all it has to offer in addition to the ordination.

Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience…

Godspeed, and God bless!


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