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Greg Moller, MNoffline

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Hi all

I’m Greg. I’m maried to a beautiful and supportive wife named Jody and have 4 grown kids (youngest is a going to be a Junior at U of Minnesota) and 2 grandkids a B & G. The girl is 6 days old as time of writing this 🙂

Currently I’m pastoring the Assembly of God Church n my town of Windom Minnesota and working on completing my Bachelor of Divinity Degree. I’m also working on planting a non-denom Bible Church (Voice in the Wilderness Bible Church). Our online presence is at //

I was recently offered a plot of land near the river where. live to build a church proper but I’m gonna wait and pray on that one before deciding.

Im trying to get back on site. I tried everything just about for the last year and was unable so I guess Im creating a new account(edit). My former account was “elder gregmoller” from Minnesota. Not sure what happened but am unable to log on from that account so I created a new account.

Im kinda lost with this new platform but I’ll get it figured out. If anyone needs anything I’m at 507-822-3294. or   Just leave a message if I don’t answer; where I work there are a lot of dead zones for phones.

Anyways, looking forward to being able to interact with ya’all again

God Bless


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