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  • Micah D. Rogers, Elder Minnesota, posted an update in the group Group logo of IowaIowa 4 days, 11 hours ago

    Good evening Iowa Team Jesus of NACM. We are excited to be having the Gathering, and in response to inquiries from some, comments noted, and intel from Elder Greg of the Minnesota NACM, let me share this with you: YES, YOU ARE ALL INVITED. IF you are planning to come, and also IF you are ordained and want the laying on of hands for yourself, this is a most holy time and we are glad to do so. You will be prayed over, anointed, and your spouse, as appropriate, will be prayed over as well. I deeply treasure when I had my time, as Senior Elder Mooney did mine. What a blessing it has been. I share with you his instructions to me for this as well: please wear your best. Note the four letter word in that statement: YOUR best. My best may not be the same as your best, and we will not judge, as that is between you and God.
    Again, it is at the New Beginnings Church in Anoka, MN, September 7 with breakfast served to start at 0830, FREE. We will progress to fellowship, testimonies of ministry and our own (2-3 minutes please), praise and worship, devotions, and then the laying on of hands. We will also be sharing a vision that the elder team in Minnesota has been sharing about for next year, and would like your input as well, as you are INVITED to next year as well.
    Praying for you, and excited to see you there.
    State Elder MN, Micah Rogers

    • Thanks for the update Micah! I pray that there will be some from Iowa there to celebrate the laying on the hands.

    • Brother Roger’s, I am interested in attending the gathering in Anoka in Sept. I have to visit with my wife to make sure she dont have any plans. Can you recommend a hotel. I am from Council Bluffs, Iowa

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