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  • Micah D. Rogers, Elder Minnesota, posted an update in the group Group logo of South DakotaSouth Dakota 4 days, 11 hours ago

    Good evening Team Jesus NACM of South Dakota. We are so excited about the upcoming days of ministry, and of the Gathering. Simply to touch base, and in response with some inquiries, yes — ALL are welcome AND invited to our Gathering September 7 at the New Beginnings Church in Anoka, MN. We will be serving breakfast FREE for all to come, starting at 0830. The church is behind the Walgreen Store that sits on the corner of Ferry St / Hwy 169 South, and Main Street. You can see the back of the church from the store. We will be progressing from the food to fellowship, testimonies of ministry (2-3 minutes each, please), praise and worship, devotions, and then the Laying on of Hands. IF you are wanting this and have been ordained, let us know. YES, YOU MAY HAVE IT! This is a most holy event in our lives, and thus must be treated as such. Please dress appropriately. When I had mine, Senior Elder Mooney did mine, and gave the instruction to wear my best, so I would share that with you too. It is understood that my best is not the same as your best, so just wear YOUR best please. We will not and do not judge.
    Praying for you, and looking forward to seeing you there.
    Micah Rogers, State Elder, MN

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