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  • Micah D. Rogers, Elder Minnesota, posted an update in the group Group logo of WisconsinWisconsin 4 days, 12 hours ago

    Good evening Wisconsin Team Jesus of NACM. In reading some of the messages on your state site, there have been those who have wanted to know about the Laying on of Hands, and how that can be done. Again, please consider ALL of you invited to the Minnesota Gathering, September 7, at the New Beginnings Church in Anoka, MN. This starts with breakfast — FREE — to all who will come, at 0830, and we will progress from there with connecting, fellowship, ministry testimonies ( 2-3 minutes each, please), praise and worship, devotions, and then the Laying on of Hands, a holy time. Please come. We are also going to be casting a vision for next year’s gathering, and getting feed back from those who come. IF you are wanting to have the Laying on of Hands, please let me know, and please dress appropriately. When I had mine, Elder Mooney was there, and his directions to us all were to be dressed in our best, as this was a time that we came before God and in front of our Brothers and Sisters. That said, your best is your best, not someone else’s best.
    Praying we see you there.
    State Elder Micah Rogers, MN

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