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  • Edgar Hariston, posted an update in the group Group logo of Church Planting MinistriesChurch Planting Ministries 4 days, 15 hours ago

    Greeting church launchers,

    How is it going? I pray that the ministries that God has given you are prospering. Please take courage that while it may not be going as fast as you may want it to go and people are not breaking down the door to come God is still alive and working. Remember that it is not you that is being rejected but the world as has been proclaim is rejecting the things of God in favor of the things of this world which are much more easy to embrace.

    Keep pressing forward in your endeavors that each one reach on. Keep striving. YES, IT IS HARD WORK. YES IT IS DISCOURAGING AT TIME. We want to reach and teach and disciple God’s people with the truth in our own unique way that God has given us but let us be ever so mindful to the will and vision of God to lead us. Stay strong.

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