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I would first like to thank everyone who is reading this message about my path to answering the call to serve. It was not an easy choice to follow the voice of God when I had spent so much time estranged from him. I was a teenager when I was first led to Christ and was baptized in his name. I remember believing the word and accepting God’s promises to his children. However, due to relocation and Church hurt I strayed away from my first love. I would spend the next decade and a half in and out of churches trying to recoup that lost love with the father. It was not until five years ago when I walked into a Holy Spirit filled church that I answered the call to come back into God’s loving arms.  It was on that altar in a midwest church in Indiana that God reignited the flame in me again. I spent the next two years serving different faith organizations to learn what it meant to live the life of an adult christian. Many Pastors and individuals saw the call on my life to minister but I was very reluctant. I was honestly happy just to be in God’s presence once again. However, because I was  so fascinated by the word I began leading a bible study group with family and friends at my house led by my wife and I. We would go into the projects and share the gospel with anyone willing to hear.  I never thought of this as ministry work, just simply something that needed to be done. Even with our limited understanding of the word at that time we still felt a need to share what we did understand or was taught by our church leadership. We were reaching people who were too ashamed to enter a conventional church atmosphere. In 2016 we moved to Texas and have continued to share the gospel with those around us, while still maintaining our weekly bible study meetings with those we use to serve from our midwest hometown.  Last year we settled in a new church home of believers and have been serving in the prayer ministry, the children’s ministry, and as of recent the prison ministry. I am currently submitting my application to Dallas Theological Seminary for counseling. I was accepted to seminary in 2017 but due to financial constraints at that time I was unable to attend so I had to reapply for acceptance. I currently hold a Master’s degree from Governors State University in Addictions. Perhaps the most important thing I can mention in this essay is my strong passion to connect people with Christ. My family life as an adult has not been the same since I allowed him to enter into my life once again and it is my strongest desire that God will do the same works through me that he did to me. He brought me and my family from one of the lowest places imaginable at an age where I thought I had life figured out. I truly understand the need to reach people who think they understand life but are without light and are missing the love of God. It is my desire to Pastor those individuals as The Master Shepherd has commissioned us to do.  Thank you for your consideration.

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