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My Name is Katherine Gable. I am 28 years old and I have been through some trials and have a testimony I want to start sharing with the world! When I was a young girl I attended church just about every Sunday, so I grew up knowing God and worshiping at a young age. I was involved in all of the youth activities such as plays, performances, etc… Then my pre teen years hit and even though I was still attending church and believing in God something awful happened to me. My youth was suddenly taken by a family member that I was close too. I ate Sunday afternoon lunch with, My uncle molested me on and off for years and I never had the courage to stand up and tell my parents what was going on. One day when I was a rebellious teenager my parents asked me what was wrong why did i keep acting out and finally I told them. That very night my entire family was torn apart and the war was on. My grandparents didn’t believe me and my aunt didn’t believe me and one week later my aunt and uncle packed up and took off to Texas and started a new life. I begin to become broken even more during that time thinking it was all my fault and maybe i should have just kept my mouth shut. I moved out with my boyfriend and became even more rebellious leaving my parents in pain. One Sunday in September my mom called me and said please just come to church with us today. So i did. And I couldn’t have been more thankful that i did. That Sunday morning I was sitting in church and the pastor called everyone who felt broken to come to the front of the church to be prayed over. I got up and walked up there not willingly but as if i wasn’t in my own body and the pastor laid hands on me and at that time he began saying things that ONLY God would have known. I had thoughts of suicide, I was in a depression, my youth was taken from me. My Pastor said walk out of the past today because God’s calling on your life is going to be amazing, You will be a speaker among 100’s and 100’s of women, you have a seed in your womb right now and one day you will give birth to a profit who will shake the nations. in conclusion, I am here to become a Pastor. I am ready to put on the Armour of God and show this Nation just how amazing and how powerful my God is.

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