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Dave Wickstrum

God has directed me to begin a ministry providing song and comfort to older people who are in nursing homes and senior citizen developments.  I have rededicated and reconfirmed my Salivation and given my life and direction over to God, completely, and without reservations.  Was I a Christian before, I believe I was all my life, but maybe fought with God over what direction he had for me, therefore never, truly, receiving the blessings that God had in-store for me.  With God now in charge of my life and me following his direction I have begun my new journey walking with my Savior and, above all, listening to where he wants me to be and how he needs me to serve him. I now know, without any doubt, that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Friend and look forward to each day with him and doing his will and bringing others closer to having a new or renewed relational with Jesus Christ. I understand now that Jesus Christ did not come to bring religion into the world, but came only to die for the forgiveness of the sins of all men. Jesus Christ arose from the Grave and ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of God.  Believers all share Christianity and belong to God’s Church and we need to open our hearts to what Jesus Christ has ask of  us and how we can Serve Him and deliver His message of redemption in a sinful World.

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