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Stanley Swanson, TNoffline

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I’ve been saved for more than 50 years now! Someone took the time to teach me of our Savior so many years ago. And now I do the same thing with others whom I come in contact with. It may seem a small thing to just plant a seed somewhere even if you don’t think it will grow. It’s not so much our job to make it grow but to plant it.

I have studied many of the cult-religions for many years so that I did not fall prey to the false religions and I have been able to teach others that were in cults how to leave them and teach them the true word. I have also enjoyed prophecys of the Bible and some study in hebrew and greek meanings of the Bible. I very much look forward to the day our Lord and Savior calls me home. I was raised in a church but never cared much about it as it was something I had to do when I was a kid. My recollection of getting saved was because of other wonderful people that planted the seed and not from my family. I have been a Sunday school teacher and  a Christian youth counselor in the past.

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