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In January of 2003 while at my home I got on my knees next to my bed and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. My life has not been the same since.
After attending a couple different churches I begin a three year stay at Occoquan Bible Church in Northern Virginia. It was here that an elder at the church asked if I’d be willing to see how the church could become involved in community outreach. I accepted and my ministry journey began. I began that churches first outreach to the homeless, local food bank, prison ministry, and senior citizens ministry.

With the elders permission we joined a local ministry counsel called the Cooperative Counsel of Ministries (CCOM). I was the liaison to that counsel which had membership from over 20 local churches and provided funding, support, meals, and other services to a local homeless shelter. I later served on that counsel as secretary and treasurer. and on the sub-committee that coordinated the homeless shelter activities. I later got our church to join the schedule to provide dinner at the shelter and lead a team to do so once a month.

Later I began the first weekly bible study at the shelter on Saturday morning. I believe that bible study exist today. Later I began serving with a Chaplain at the Culpepper County Juvenile Correctional Facility (prison) and later lead a team from our church to join with me. Later I began serving in the county program to visit senior shut-in’s and began visiting elderly men once a month. I continued this for almost 2 years during which time both men passed away. During these years I began receiving training at my church in theology, and church leadership.
I’m at about 2006 and I need more space to continue.

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