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Describing myself is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. I am married to a wonderful woman and currently have 3 boys spreading a 13-year gap. We do everything together and try to make the most of the time we have available. I grew up in a Christian household but did not begin to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until 2012. Due to some very trying circumstances in my oldest son’s life, I came to see the sheer level of sin that is present in mankind from the Fall. After seeing the darkness of man, the need for Christ became evermore clear in my life.

My family and I attend church weekly and I am currently serving as the superintendent of the Sunday Schools there. It has provided me an excellent opportunity to organize and help run both children and adult ministries. I have served in this role since mid-2018 and continue to find more opportunities to teach the Gospel to all age groups. I did graduate earlier this year (2019) from Maranatha Baptist Seminary with my MA in Bible and minor in Criminal Justice. My goal is to pursue ordination and chaplaincy in the future but we will see where the Lord leads me. I will be working on my ACBC certification for biblical counseling at the end of this year in preparation for a full-time ministry position.

I enjoy reading, hiking, and spending as much time as possible with my immediate family as well as my church family. Currently I work full-time as a Claims Processor for veteran medical claims and I find it very rewarding. Being able to help veterans get the medical care that they need after they have risked so much is a wonderful opportunity to see the work of God in the lives of men. Many of the veterans didn’t intend to find the Truth in their struggles but they come away with an intimate knowledge of His works and His sovereignty. The job serves me well while I continue to learn and wait for additional ministry opportunities to become available.

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