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I became a Christian in the mid 1980’s, receiving Jesus Christ in a conservative church.  I felt the call to go into ministry by the late ’80s – early ’90s, but for various reasons (lack of female role models, uncertainty of provision, etc.) did not follow through.

I earned various business degrees and held various office jobs, but in the back of my mind there seemed to linger a question as to whether I should have pursued the ministry anyway.  I kept reading my Bible, praying, and attending church (off and on, visiting several different denominations).

Through circumstances that I believe only God could have worked out, I once again felt a strong pull into Christian ministry.  Inspired by songs like, “For the Sake of the Call” and “The Great Adventure, ” and frightened by passages (that my Bible just “happened” to flip open to) like I Kings 13 and Esther 4, I decided to pursue ministry full-time.

I have recently published a book called “When Unborn Babies Speak” and I am on the verge (as of this writing) of launching a pro-life ministry related or complimentary to the book.  I have fought much darkness and am still fighting resistance and hinderances to the launch.  I have been praying more and have increased my fasting to seek God’s guidance and favor.

I believe having a license / ordination as a “non-denominational” minister could help “open doors” to minister across denominations, as pro-life issues span across the denominations.  [At least regarding “man’s” desire to see credentials.  I believe God qualifies the called, but people like to see paperwork.]

Prayers are appreciated.  Prayers that the broken-hearted will be healed, the captives will be set free, the mourners will be comforted, and any other way God chooses to work through me for the sake of His glory and His kingdom.

God Bless

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