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I am a Christian, Teacher, Preacher,  and  Speaker; I am a Member National Association of Christian Ministers, (NACM) and United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM), I operate a Christian prayer and teaching blog at//  And keep some of my recent sermons on youtube at //  just follow the links.

Barely old enough to read and write, I’ve always known there was a need to build a personal relationship with the God of my creation. At first, this desire manifested itself as a curiosity for the mystical, later it gave birth to my first spiritual manuscript “Batomyfah” (Back to My Father’s House) which was a collection of poetry that expressed a deep-down inner desire for me to return to the God I had so long become separated from. For years as an adult,  I experimented with everything that I thought would lead me “Back to My Father’s House”, from Hindu traditions to Yoga, Jewish  Mysticism and Islam. But although many of these religious views pointed to God, none seem able to give me a personal relationship with Him.
Then I found Jesus, not that He was lost, He was always there with me, in fact,  I believe it was He that was my spiritual GPS recalculating the path each time I made a wrong turn, spiritually pointing me right back to Himself. This Jesus, whom I didn’t even know was that desire in me that drove me to meditation and prayer to a real God out there somewhere. He was the God that I was for so long looking for, a God that would reveal Himself continually to me, not just when I was in some deep state of sub-consciousness, or when I emptied my mind or chanted some unintelligible incantations; But a God whose desire is to know and love me, a God  that was felt  and known in my heart, and who revealed himself right there in the pages of that big leather Bible under my mother’s coffee table.
Today my desire is a teaching ministry in the Greater Philadelphia Area, not a seminary, but a place where lay-Christians can come and discovery God intellectually as well as experientially. IF you are in the Philadelphia area interested in a itinerate preacher, event speaker, or someone to work alongside your ministry. Feel free to contact me through any of the linked above or by email @ For quicker responses text me @ 215-778-0920 

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