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To Whom It May Concern, My name is Rebecca Shirk. I am a wife and mother of five wonderful children. I grew up attending every service of the week in a pentecostal church of God. As a child I ran to the altar to pray before the service was to begin and then as the worship service would start I would take my place on the pulpit (uninvited but expected) and praise the Lord with all my heart. It would take many years before I learned the true character of God though.

As a young woman, the Lord began to reveal His true character to me. I met my husband in our small-town high school and about two years after graduation we then learned that I was expecting the first of our five children. I then began to study the Word of God intensly. I was no one to be blessed with such a gift as a child. So I knew that if God was to bless me and my husband in such a way, there was much I needed to learn. My greatest fear was that I would ever be separated from my child, in this life or the hereafter. So as I began my journey through the bible I learned of a God who was merciful, forgiving and loving. This was in a juxtaposition of the God I had grown up hearing about. I  was always under the impression that I was going to hell if I did not live a spotless, sinless life. That had become a stumbling block for me as a teenager. So I drifted from my early religious upbringing and just tried in my own strength to be what I had thought the Lord wanted me to be. Through that, I had become very critical and judgemental of myself.

As I became a mother I discovered a different side of God. I read how through Him we are transformed, and as a new mother, I definitely felt His transforming power. I could not praise Him enough for blessing my husband and I with this new beautiful life. I then could not praise Him enough for forgiving me and my former misunderstanding of Him.

Now fast forward 20 something years later. I have been studying and instructing my children in God’s word. My husband became saved and my children are truly a blessing to me and those who know them. I have studied the Word diligently for twenty plus years. I minister to others every chance I receive. It has been weighing upon my heart for over the past three years that I should go into ministry. I value my relationship with the Lord more than anything. I have written and published two books about God’s Love and raising children in God’s Love. He has changed my life in so many amazing ways that I’m sure I do not have time to express here but I look forward to being able to help lead others to know Christ and His transformational Love. I look forward to hearing from your organization soon. God Bless

Sincerely Your Sister In Christ, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Shirk

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