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Apostle & Senior Pastor of International Victory Center

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Here’s just a little Bio-I have been involved in active ministry since 1991. I have witnessed the miraculous power of God as far back as I can remember. My great grandmother was a woman of tremendous faith & she instilled that same type of faith in me.

I was born three months premature back in 1972, which was a death sentence in those days. My mom & dad were given very little hope for my survival they were encouraged to make funeral arrangements. However, my great grandmother prayed & prophesied to my mother that I would live & that God had a plan for my life. After one month in a hospital incubator, I was sent home with a clean bill of health. That is miracle number one, I wasn’t supposed to survive. I did more than survive, I thrived.

Then again two years later, I became instantly ill with a sudden & incredibly high fever. As soon as I arrived at the hospital, all life-saving approaches were employed & yet, I died on the table. The doctors had no idea what had caused the sudden spike in temperature. Nor did they understand why I was not responding to any treatment. The medical staff worked on me tirelessly. Despite their best efforts, it was to no avail.  The emergency room physicians expressed their sincerest sympathies & apologies; while my mother was screaming & grieving herself to death. My dad from all accounts wept quietly, while one of the doctors filled out my death certificate.

Again my great grandmother was contacted, urged, begged to pray. It seems my parents had absolutely no one to turn to in this direst time of need. They knew the gospel, the refused to believe. I believe it was their faith failed them when they needed it the most.  The focus was now on my mother. Everyone it seemed was moved by her wailing, screaming in agony & grief.  It was for that reason, doctors started calling for sedatives to be administered in order to calm her down. My great grandmother spoke gently & calmly, telling my mother that I was not dead, that God still had plans for me, that I was just playing with the angels. I would be back in my body soon enough. I remember my mom telling me that she thought her grandmother had gone crazy, completely mental.

However, in the midst of fear, grief, tremendous mourning & confusion. The sweet yet powerful Holy Spirit was doing a work that everyone would witness & no one could deny. Exactly, five minutes after the phone call my vitals started back & I was stabilizing right before their eyes. It was not happening because of anything the doctors or nurses had done. I was alive, which according to modern science at the time was impossible; not improbable but impossible. God majors in the impossible! That my brothers & sisters is the second miracle in my life.

Shooting forward to my teenage years I had been abused, horrendously abused by members of my own family, friends of the family & even a baby sitter. I was depressed, angry & self-medicating. I could feel the drawing of the Holy Spirit but I willing ignored the call. I even began dabbling with occult practices, as well as the occult itself. I was miserable & full of fear & then it happened.

I was seventeen years old. I started being taken down to the pit of Hell, it was not what it had been hyped up to be. Satan was not in charge, there were no fallen angels or demonic principalities present. There was only me!

I could hear multitudes of people screaming out in torment. I couldn’t see them because the darkness was unnatural darkness. A darkness void of light, light was absent, God was absent, His presence could not be felt at all. I could not even see my hands right in front of my face. There were worms all around my feet, I could feel them. The fire began swirling from deep inside me, then I would burn (almost like it was eating me) from the inside out.

I was gnawing on my tongue for relief, none came. I was trying to scream out in agony, no words or sounds formed. I was in hell & what was worse, I knew I deserved to be there; then just like that, it was over. This happened time & time again for months. By the time it stopped, I was terrified to go anywhere, so I stayed in my home.

My grandparents came to visit, somehow they were aware of what was happening to me. They took me with them, eight hours away to their home then made me throw away all the drugs, alcohol & cigarettes hidden among my possessions. My grandparents told me that while I stayed with them, I would have to attend their church. It was a nondenominational church & it freaked me out, literally.

I could feel the presence of God during worship. I felt as if I was flying upwards to the throne of God, then just as suddenly I would feel as if I was descending again, into hell. It was an experience I will never, ever forget as long as I live. That experience marked me forever, I knew then my life would never, could never, be the same again.

One week later, my grandparents led me in the sinner’s prayer. It took forever to complete the prayer because of the sorrow I felt for all my sins, tears literally stained my clothes because they fell from my eyes with such force. I knew then, without anyone having to tell me, that I was a new person in Christ.

That night was the first time among many times throughout the last thirty years, that I was slain in the Spirit or (put down on the ground through the power of the Holy Spirit) so that He could do a work in me. I had no idea what was happening, however, I knew & trusted, it was God.

I was baptized with the Holy Spirit just a few months later after turning eighteen years old. I was ignorant of the Word of God. Yet, when the Youth Pastor preached that we could have power, the power of God, to live this life victoriously. The power of God, to understand scripture. The power of God, to witness to others about the Gospel of Jesus. The power of God, to share our faith, the power of God, to build up our faith, while the Holy Spirit would be both in us & around us. That we could know Him as God, friend, counselor, comforter & that we could have an intimate friendship with Him, I was sold!

I can’t say I understood it completely, I knew, however, that this baptism of the Holy Spirit was a gift from the Father & I wanted anything & everything that God had for me. I am still that way to this very day. That night God preformed a sign & wonder in front of the whole church. I had begun to speak in the unknown tongues promised to us in the Word of God. When four men came up to me asking me if I was Jewish. I responded “no, not that I know of”, then went right back to praying in the Spirit. Again they interrupted me, not to be rude, you could see the mixture of confusion & excitement on their faces.

I asked them “is there anything else, I can help you with?” Then they asked, “Where have you learned to speak Hebrew so well?” I had no idea what they were talking about? I responded, “I don’t speak Hebrew, I have never learned Hebrew & I have no idea what you all are getting at!” I was getting frustrated because for a second I thought they were making me the object of some sort of joke. I found out though that they weren’t. They started magnifying God in their native Hebrew tongue. They turned to me after some time of worship telling me, the whole reason they had come to that particular Church that night was to find out for themselves; whether Jesus was the true Messiah or not. Well, they found out, we all found out together. They got saved & baptized with the Holy Spirit that very night. That my brothers & sisters is a sign & wonder! That is the Third miracle in my life.

Trying to make a long story short here, I could tell you of the many signs, wonders, miracles &  healing’s I have been blessed to witness with my own eyes. Yet due to time constraints, I will only speak of only a few more instances.

I received the calling to preach that night. I became aware of who exactly the Holy Spirit is & formed a wonderful & beautiful relationship with Him. The Holy Spirit has confirmed the preaching of the gospel with signs & wonders, over & over again. That is because this is not my ministry. It is & always will be His ministry.

A few years back my family & I began to have financial problems because I started getting sick, then even sicker. It started out with severe DVT’s in my left leg, right arm & left arm. Then I was told I had a blood clotting disorder that was responsible for the DVT’s. I was told there was nothing further that medical science could do for me. My faith was still strong & I pressed forward, still setting up churches, still evangelizing.

Next, I started getting very sluggish, barely able to breathe, sleeping anywhere from seventeen to twenty hours a day. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy, Afib, having to endure three major heart surgeries. I could not go out anymore. The ministry became confined by the necessity of being a hospital ministry. People got saved, people got healed & set free, from all kinds of bondages both physical & spiritual. See, what the devil meant to destroy me, my family & the ministry became a transition ministry & God got all the glory. Understand, that God will never share His glory with anyone. He will reveal His glory, but never, ever will He share it. Why? Because it is His alone.

Next came multiple knee surgeries as well as other surgeries. Sometimes I felt like Job & just wanted it all to end. I was seeing others healed while I was still sick & injured. It appeared as though, I was getting worse instead of better. It was a time of great upheaval. Then over the next four years, was the hardest battle or series of battles that my family & I have ever had to overcome.

I had eight strokes to my right frontal lobe over a period of four years. Most of my memories were gone. I couldn’t even remember my wife’s name or my birthday. I did, however, remember her birthday & that was a great sense of comfort to her. I had to relearn to think logically because of my mind starting to think in abstract ways. I had to relearn to read, to write, to stand & to walk.

I would make some progress, then I would have another stroke. It would all have to start over from scratch. My doctors at the time told me, that I would have to be in a power chair for life. I was diagnosed as a paraplegic. I was also told I would never under any circumstance be likely to regain the use of my left arm & hand. My response was to tell the doctors that they trusted in medical science. I trusted in the Lord God Almighty.  I told every doctor, every nurse, that I would walk out of the hospital because God was my healer. I trusted in Him. I trusted in His Word. Brothers & sisters, I am happy to announce that very thing happened. It took months of prayer, months of rehabilitation, but I walked out of the hospital.

I am still facing some major medical issues but I am determined to walk right back into the work of the Ministry. This for me is a giant leap forward in faith. I may not feel it, I do see it & I do believe it.

In the past twenty years or so I have worked in just about every aspect of the ministry, from scrubbing toilets to preaching the gospel. I have been an Outreach Pastor, a Children’s Pastor, an Associate Youth Pastor & a Senior Youth Pastor. I have been an Associate Pastor, Co-Pastor & Senior Pastor. I have ministered as an Evangelist & have assisted in planting churches here in America.  Praise God I am at the beginning phase of assisting in the training of an amazing Pastor in Kenya & have planted one church on my own (well, God & I) actually.

I am currently, the Pastor of International Victory Center, which for now is an Online Church, just being set up, launch is set for sometime in January of 2020, Lord willing.

It is our vision to reach the world for our Lord and Savior Jesus. The gospel of grace has been taught but that’s not exactly the message that Jesus and the first century Apostles taught and preached The original message was “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.” That was and still is the gospel message. Not this once saved always saved abomination being taught from pulpits across the world. Then we have the gospel of the Law, being poured out pulpit to pulpit in the guise of opening ourselves up to the Jewishness of our faith. Jesus fulfilled the law, which was unable to save. We can not gain eternal life nor righteousness through our good works; only through our faith are we made righteous.  Nor do we continue in a lifestyle of sin thinking erroneously that the grace of God is there to cover us more and more through the shed blood of His Son, because some want to have their cake and eat it too.

International Victory Center is committed to training up disciples in the way in which the should go, according to the gospel message of the Kingdom of God. Being that new creation that we all become through our faith in the atonement and resurrection of Jesus.

We also endeavor to teach every member their potential in Christ as well as the ministry God has for them. We teach about the Five-Fold Ministry, equipping the saints for victory in life, as well as, on the battleground. We are endeavoring to bring in more proven Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers & Pastors, all committed to the cause of Christ, the perpetuation of the Gospel, the maturing of the Body of Christ & working together in unity.

In Christ, Apostle & Pastor Christopher Morman









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