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My name is Richard Marquez. My journey began in February of 2015. I was an alcoholic, steroid dealer, steroid using womanizer. I got pulled over one night for a DUI, I got released the next day from jail and I was beside myself. I thought ” another DUI Richard, if I cant drink and not drive its time for a change”. That was a Thursday, by Sunday I had walked into a Christian church. I grew up Catholic, so things were a bit different, but I knew I needed to know God. It was a struggle getting off a fifth of vodka a day, but two months later on April 5th 2015 I made an altar, it was Resurrection Sunday, the day I received Christ into my life. I made a move to another church after hearing the Word that came from the pulpit. After the move, I got married in my Pastors office two months later. I married my beautiful wife Madi. Six months later I fell, I went out full of pride and hit the bars. when I came home I was drunk behaving like a monster, she call the cops and I left. I came home Saturday the next morning trying to fix things but she had enough, she wanted me moved out by Monday. I emailed my Pastor who was on a trip checking on the mission team in the Philippines. I let him know I had to leave my home, I asked if he had an open bed in the men’s home, he said he would check. All the way from around the world this man was still helping me with my issues. One of the men from the men’s home contacted me and I checked myself in on that Monday. I was broken….. how did I get myself here? Is what i was thinking. I was there for two months, in that time I had read the whole New Testament and devoted myself to prayer. I heard from the Lord “Go home, I built you up. Go home and build your family up”. I went home, sat on the couch waiting for my wife to get home. She walked in, asked what I was doing there. I told her “I coming home and not going back to the men’s home” and she agreed. Two weeks later at church during worship as I’m thanking God for everything He had done, I told Jesus “I’ll suffer for You, no matter what. Take my wife, take my kids, take my job, cars, clothes and I will still follow You”. I heard the Lord again ” get on your knees”, I was reasoning in my mind about what people would think but I heard Him again “get on your knees”. I step out of my row and dropped to my knees and wept and wept and wept. Then I cried out in tongues. When I got up I looked around the church at everyone and I said to myslef “I love everyone!”. I was baptized in the Holy Ghost! That was January 2016, since then I’ve been on fire preaching the Gospel in the streets. I entered into the youth ministry and I have been a Sunday school teacher for the past three years. I’ve had bible studies and also have taken three years of the school of ministry that my church has offered and graduated. I am a minister to the biggest mission field, children. I am an Evangelist who loves people and loves to teach people how to witness everyday of their lives. May God have all the Glory.

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