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Greetings in the Name of Jesus, My 1st encounter with Jesus was in May 1984 and I got saved that same month.  I have been baptized of the water and of the Holy Ghost and although I’ve encountered some pitfalls, today, I live for Jesus Christ alone. I have served as Deacon, Church Official, Teacher, and Director of Evangelism but I know that I need to be doing more.  My earnest desire is to please God and to obey Him at His Word.  I am most passionate about serving God and people of all nationalities and backgrounds outside of the church walls,  regardless of the cost.  I have a heavy and nagging burden in my heart to reach the lost with the Gospel in the love of Jesus all around the world to the Glory of God, The Father. God’s anointing is on my life and I have been called by Him to Ministry.  I am persuaded in my spirit to join several Evangelical Ministries in Africa and Pakistan for the furtherance of His Kingdom,  however, I need the credentials.  There is a great need in these geographical areas and I would be more than privileged and honored if I could join them in their efforts.  I would also like to minister at prisons and hospitals as the need is also great there. There is so much to do and my desire is to HELP, HELP, HELP and in the end when I leave here, to hear God say: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

In His Loving Care, Mayra Sarita

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