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Raised by Christian Parents. Saved by Grace at the age of 9. I do not discriminate about doctrine but profess to live to reflect God’s love and His word. Specifically the two most important commandments of Jesus Christ. I am fortunate to belong to a ministerial fellowship in my area where ministers of various Christian faiths work together to illustrate these two great commandments. I chair a Christian Organization called Mission Devine (have been the chair for the past 10 years) that involves Christians of all denominations to work together to help the poor, widowed, widower, and veterans with much need home repairs – at no cost to the homeowner. I recently -with the help of many others, have begun a music ministry that is open to all Christian denominations and we put on an annual outdoor Christian Music Concert to outreach all who will listen – Focusing on praise. I feel very blessed to know my God and to know I have been forgiven. I love to tell His story and share His word with any/all that will listen.

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