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I began in the ministry at thirteen, I attended a small Baptist Church just literally out my backdoor. I went through Middle School and High School leading our group called the Upper Room in which we as a small group met every morning to share a moment of devotion and a word of prayer to start the day.  As time went on I finished High School and joined the work force of course, one day driving down the road the Lord spoke to me and I began to pray and seek what it was that he wanted me to do. I of course wrestled the idea, but in the end God one ” of course”.. scared but I obeyed what he(God) told me to do. I began to minister the word of the Gospel, not just to one church, but to all, I began to visit the nursing centers and the jails, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But over time I become discouraged and fell out of Gods will. Two years ago I found myself praying to God to give me another chance after surviving a traumatic car crash. I love to witness and minister to other people and now I have that second chance.. I thank God for all of his blessings no matter how small or how great… one of the greatest moments I have experienced is the love of others . We are all his children, I hope and pray his will be done…..Amen

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