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I was first introduce to Christ in high school. I had no real Biblical background at that time and fell into a very legalistic church. Thankfully I eventually learned about the Grace of God and the New Covenant after many years of struggle. My wife and I have been married for 37 years and have 3 daughters and now 4 grandchildren, with more coming we hope. I have completed the chaplaincy course and would like to take other courses.  I am self employed, part time now. I have played the guitar for 45+ years. My biggest interest is my family. My interest in ministry is along the lines of Chaplaincy. I want to help people that have no church background and seeking help in their lives. I am also very interested in encouraging people that are Christians but have become disillusioned by bad experiences within a church setting; legalism, manipulation and lack of understanding of God’s Grace in Christ.

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