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My name is Mike and I was raised in the Methodist Church.  I was called to the ministry by the Lord at a church camp on Lake Geneva, 1959.  I attended Illinois Wesleyan University and was student pastor of the Dawson, IL United Methodist Church in 1964.  I held a Methodist License to Preach then.  At age 35, the Lord called me into full time Hospital Chaplain work.  I attended Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology and earned my Master of Divinity Degree there.  While in school, I did hospital visitation for the 1st. United Methodist Church in Tulsa, OK.  I did 3 Quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education at Hillcrest Hospital in Tulsa, OK and 1 Quarter of CPE at Bethesda Psychiatric Hospital in Denver, CO.  During that time, I did the weekend hospital calling for Denver First Church of the Nazarene.   I was then hired as a Prayer Partner (Chaplain) at Oral Roberts City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa, OK.  Since then, I have done hospital calling for any church I was a member of.  Being with people going through illness, mental anguish, severe pain as those in a Hospital Burn Unit, those who are terminally ill, and their families is the ministry I have been called to do and I do it well.  I praise the Lord that He has worked through me to bring comfort and hope and peace to other people, Christian or not in their time of trial.  I have officiated at weddings and funerals over the years.  At the present time, I am a member of the Church of the Nazarene in Woodland Park, CO.

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