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Felicia Moore, Ohoffline

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Hello I am a mother of 5. I grew up under the Apostolic teaching. I became saved at 15 years old but I didn’t truly understand what salvation meant but I knew I wanted a relationship with the Father. I later rededicated my life at 20 years old, I became a member of a Non denomination Church. I became very active as an usher, a choir member, praise dance leader. I volunteered in the Food pantry and was on the kitchen committee. The Lord called me to minister in 2004, I accepted in 2005 and became a lay minister and armor bearer. I sat up under my pastors and went through the minister training and enrolled in schooling in Religious studies. I became an ordained minister/pastor in 2010. I became a mentor for young girls. I am a survivor of domestic violence and rape/molestation. I love helping people wherever I can.


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