Deconstructed. Deconverted. Not Defriended.

Life is long. Spiritual journeys are winding. Sometimes there are mushrooms.

Plenty has been written about the rise of the so-called nones, those who are unaffiliated with any faith tradition. Many of them were once Christians. But behind the stats are millions of stories and spiritual journeys. Behind the stats are more than a few friends of Katelyn and Roxy. In this episode, the hosts reflect on those who have left the faith: why they left, how to learn from them and what it takes to stay friends.

Audrey Assad joins the episode to share her own spiritual journey from Plymouth Brethren, to Catholic, to no longer a practicing Christian. 


  • Audrey Assad is a multiple Dove Award nominee singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her newest album, “Eden,” explores “the distance between Audrey’s old ideas about God and her freshly gained perspective.” You can find more of her music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or wherever you listen to music.

Assad’s song “Shiloh” is featured on this episode.

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