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We’re excited to announce the FIRST NACM 1st State Gathering for our CALIFORNIA members! State Coordinating Elder George Meilahn will be presiding; and all NACM members from California, but another other State (or country) are welcome to attend.  There will be an ORDINATION CONFIRMATION ceremony (laying-on-of-hands blessing) for NACM member ministers who have already been … Read more CALIFORNIA’S FIRST STATE GATHERING!

NACM Courses

Hi Everybody I wanted to take a minute and put in a plug for two NACM courses that I have successfully completed. They are the Basic Chaplaincy Course and Soul Care 101: Ministering to Un-Saintly Saints. I am an undergraduate student at Marshall University, where I will complete a regents bachelor of arts in psychology … Read more NACM Courses

Lord’s Day

This is Lord’s Day and I know many of you will be doing what I am doing: violating the Sabbath by teaching or preaching today. This is why Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.  What is really frustrating is when people are required to work secular … Read more Lord’s Day

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