The Bible has a happy ending? Well, I’ll be damned | Brief letters


It’s a shame that our local hero Emma Raducanu is out of Wimbledon (‘A very bright future’: Praise for Emma Raducanu as Wimbledon run ends’, 5 July), but readers should be aware that both Beckenham and Bromley are in London and have been since 1965. Her success is very much that of a Londoner.Michael ShawBeckenham, … Read more

Imran Khan’s comments about rape and purdah were taken out of context | Letter


Much is being made of comments by Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, on the observance of purdah in Islam and how, in certain cases, it may help in the avoidance of rape crimes (Outrage after Pakistan PM Imran Khan blames rape crisis on women, 25 June). It is to the credit of Imran Khan’s government … Read more

The right to bear alms must be protected | Brief letters


What can be done with the zealous but religiously illiterate primary school teacher who is unaware that almsgiving is central in Muslim, Christian and other faiths’ teaching (Boy, 11, referred to Prevent for wanting to give ‘alms to the oppressed’, 27 June)? It is not “mishearing”, but plain ignorance. Perhaps he or she should be … Read more

Language changes, but God is constant | Brief letters


News that the Chagos Islands are to go on the green travel list (Report, 25 June) should allow Chagossians to visit the homeland they were exiled from nearly 50 years ago. This would be a first step towards an overall settlement with Mauritius, bringing the UK into line with the requirements of international law.David SnoxellFormer … Read more

Backstory to Polish nationalism | Letters


I cannot speak for Hungary, but the very nuanced account of Polish and Hungarian illiberalism (The long read, 24 June) omits some crucial dimensions – notably the influence on the Polish psyche of national messianism, a reaction to the partitions of Poland at the end of the 18th century, which led to the disappearance of … Read more

Start building communities in schools | Letter


Gregory Quiery is right when paying tribute to cross-community holidays hosting Catholic and Protestant children in Northern Ireland during the 1970s (Letters, 17 June). More recently, I remember attending a tea party for children who had just been on such a holiday in the US. In talking to their parents there were adults who had … Read more

Three weeks is a long time in politics for a creationist | Brief letters


As a small child at a convent school in London in the 1950s, I had an attack of hiccups in the playground one day. Mother Ignacius (a small, terrifying nun) was on duty. Beckoning me to her, she took a penknife from her pocket, opened the blade and pointed it at me. “Hold this!” she … Read more

Battle for tranquillity amid the shooting | Letter


Samye Ling is not the only religious site to be desecrated by grouse slaughter (Buddhist monastery in Scotland calls for firearms exclusion zone, 11 June). Before lockdown I visited Pennant Melangell, a medieval shrine in a small church amid a circle of yews, a Christian foundation of the seventh century, still a place for pilgrimage … Read more

Two leaders of very different Catholic values | Letters


I suspect that many left-leaning Roman Catholics regard the fact that Boris Johnson is Britain’s first Catholic prime minister as more a matter of regret than pride, and certainly not “a watershed moment” for the nation’s Catholics, as Catherine Pepinster suggests (A Catholic prime minister in No 10 is a watershed moment, 11 June). Nor … Read more