Study among devout Hindus suggests that religiosity and belief in reincarnation help older adults cope with death anxiety


A study among pilgrims attending the Ardh Kumbh Mela festival in India found that religiosity and belief in reincarnation were linked to reduced death anxiety. The findings, published in the journal Death Studies, lend support for incorporating spirituality or religion into therapeutic services for older adults. Religious belief has been suggested to improve psychological well-being … Read more

People unconsciously stereotype atheists as more likely to be serial killers, yet pin them as open-minded, scientific, and fun at parties


Research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that people can hold both positive and intensely negative stereotypes about a stigmatized group. The findings suggest that people stereotype atheists as immoral — unconsciously believing a serial killer is more likely to be an atheist than a religious person — while simultaneously stereotyping atheists as … Read more

Study pinpoints neural basis for the interplay between a close relationship with God and enhanced sense of control


A recent study offers new evidence that having a close relationship with God serves the psychological purpose of enhancing one’s sense of control. The study was published in Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience. Spiritual belief is a fundamental aspect of human culture, dating back to ancient times. Psychology researchers have explored this tendency toward supernatural … Read more