New research indicates religion protected mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak but also undermined efforts to save lives


Religion may have helped prevent Americans from experiencing mental distress during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak but, according to new research, it also appears to be linked to undercutting efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. The study has recently been published in The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. … Read more

New study links intrinsic religious motivation to higher-level patterns of thought


New research provides evidence that specific forms of religious motivation are associated with higher-level patterns of thought. The findings, which appear in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, shed light on the cognitive underpinnings of the relationship between religion and meaning in life. “I became interested in the psychology of religion after having … Read more

Religion appears to influence motivations to volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic


Both religious and non-religious medical students volunteered to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, according to new research published in the Journal of Religion and Health. But the study found that altruistic motivations were more common among religious students, while egoistic motivations were more common among the non-religious. “Our research was a part of … Read more

Religion is a driving force behind the gender wage gap, study finds


New research published in the Academy of Management Journal indicates that religion perpetuates the gender wage gap. The findings provide evidence that men tend to earn significantly more than women in societies with heightened religiosity. “Management researchers have called religion ‘a benign and positive force in business.’ Because of that, we are seeing these policies … Read more

Study: Reflecting on scripture has a physiologically identifiable stress dampening effect for Christians


In a recently-published study in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, researchers found evidence that reflecting on biblical scripture impacted subsequent cardiovascular stress reactivity among Christian college students. The findings provide new insights into how religious practices can influence psychophysiological processes. “I have a long-term interest in religion/spirituality and health and, in particular, trying … Read more