Ex-officers direct anger at Salvation Army over pensions ‘injustice’


The Salvation Army has been accused of a “grave injustice” by refusing to pay pensions to former full-time officers who quit after years of dedicated service but before their official retirement date. At least 17 complaints from former officers have been lodged with the Pensions Ombudsman since May 2020, and campaigners say hundreds more have … Read more

Church of England accused of stifling debate on race and gender


The Church of England has been accused of stifling dissent on crucial issues – including debates on racial justice, sexuality and gender – with warnings its elected assembly is in danger of becoming a “rubber-stamping body”. The General Synod – the church’s parliament, with more than 450 members elected from clergy, lay members and bishops … Read more

C of E rejects call to appoint racial justice officers in every diocese


The Church of England has rejected a call to appoint racial justice officers in every diocese in the country, a decision described as shocking and disgraceful by campaigners for diversity and inclusivity. The proposal for dedicated officials was a key recommendation in a report, From Lament to Action, published in April after years of inaction … Read more

Guardian journalist helped me see a way out, ex-cult member recalls


It was a simple question to a child, one routinely asked by adults: what do you want to be when you grow up? But for 11-year-old Bexy Cameron, who had never known anything but the strict religious cult she was born into, it was life-changing. Her brief encounter with the Guardian journalist Walter Schwarz in … Read more

‘I want to take this global’: the success of the Muslim Golf Association


When Amir Malik fell in love with golf a few years ago, he soon realised that as a practising Muslim he didn’t quite fit in with the memberships of most clubs. “With a game taking three to four hours, there’d be times when I needed to pray. And when we finished, the players would go … Read more

Methodist church to allow same-sex marriage after ‘historic’ vote


The Methodist church has become the largest religious denomination in the UK to allow same-sex marriages, putting it at odds with the Church of England. A move to change the definition of marriage won overwhelming support at the Methodist conference on Wednesday, with the first same-sex weddings in Methodist chapels expected in the autumn. A … Read more

Church of England urged to drop the Revs to tackle deference problem


The Church of England is being urged to abolish the title of Reverend as part of efforts to tackle a culture of deference. Instead of titles such as Reverend, Right Reverend, Very Reverend, Most Reverend or Venerable, clergy should be addressed using the names of their roles, such as vicar, rector, bishop or archbishop, says … Read more

C of E investigates possible slave trade origins of £9.2bn fund


The Church of England is to investigate possible slave trade links to an 18th-century endowment that has grown into a £9.2bn investment fund supporting parishes and cathedrals across the country. Queen Anne’s Bounty, a sum of money set aside to augment the incomes of poor clergy in 1704, could present a “reputational risk”, said the … Read more

C of E bishop backs prosecution of those who defy ‘gay conversion’ ban


Faith leaders should face prosecution if they fail to comply with the government’s promised ban on so-called gay conversion practices, a senior bishop in the Church of England has said. David Walker, the bishop of Manchester, told the Guardian: “Where activity has harmed someone, the person who has caused the harm should face prosecution.” That … Read more