How Informational Realism Subverts Materialism


News July 26, 2021 Information Theory, Philosophy, Science Within informational realism, what defines things is their capacity for communicating or exchanging information with other things News July 26, 2021 Information Theory, Philosophy, Science William Dembski Here are some brief excerpts from design theorist William Dembski’s chapter in a forthcoming book on informational realism: To see … Read more

Why Neurosurgeon Mike Egnor Stopped Being a Materialist Atheist


Neurosurgeon Michael Egnor did another podcast with Arjuna Das at Theology Unleashed, “where Eastern theology meets Western skepticism.” Among other things, Egnor talked about why he ceased to be an atheist as he learned more about science and its dependence on mathematics, which is not a material thing. A partial transcript follows, taking us down … Read more

NASA Seeks Standards for ET Life Claims


News July 24, 2021 Science The agency wants to develop a credibility scale so we know what to pay attention to News July 24, 2021 Science What with everything from Oumuamua to phosphine on Venus claiming our attention, NASA thinks it’s time to develop some standards for what constitutes a credible claim about extraterrestrial life: … Read more

Some Say That the Universe Is a Donut. Others Say It’s a Hole.


News July 24, 2021 Philosophy, Science Actually, as astrophysicist Ethan Siegel points out, there’s only one universe — which makes theorizing about it a problem. News July 24, 2021 Philosophy, Science At Forbes, theoretical astrophysicist Ethan Siegel comments: The true problem with the Universe is that there’s only one to observe, or at least, only … Read more

What If Only Part of You Could Be Teleported? — Sci-Fi Saturday


“Liminal” at DUST by Collin Davis and Matt Litwiller (July 19, 2021, 6:47 min) From the producers: “Liminal explores big ideas in contained spaces: a character piece with a sci-fi backdrop. Gwen, the lead scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans, encounters a co-worker on a smoke break. As she grapples with the implications … Read more

Would You Become an Animal to Save a Species? — Sci-fi Saturday


“Floreana” at DUST by Louis Morton (Jul 23, 2021), 4:13 min, originally at IMDB 2019 “On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission. Take a look at the mechanics of this training facility and the creatures within.” Review: Floreana is an animated film which offers a genuine surprise in … Read more

The Day Philosophers Started To Take Consciousness Seriously


We sometimes forget how far we are from solving the mystery of consciousness. An anecdote from 1994 might help us understand. Picture an utterly boring, pointless conference in Tucson, Arizona, one of whose attendees was an obscure philosopher from Australia, scheduled to give the third talk. And shook everything up: The brain, Chalmers began by … Read more

Claim: “Spirituality” Circuit in the Brain Has Been Identified


News July 22, 2021 Science, Spirituality Really? Is that even possible? News July 22, 2021 Science, Spirituality It’s a story like so many others: Researchers have “found” the brain circuits for spirituality: A new study led by investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital takes a new approach to mapping spirituality and religiosity and finds that … Read more

But Why Is “Depublishing” Cool Among Publishers Now?


Withdrawing books instead of defending them is now “cool” because the industry has changed. Now, often, it’s about currying favor with government and powerful people, not with helping readers understand the world around us. To consider what’s changed, take one uproar around a biography of novelist Philip Roth (1933–2018) by a U.S. author Bill Bailey: … Read more

When Universities No Longer Want You To Know Controversial Ideas


Yesterday, we looked at why the publishing industry has gone to war against books. In that case, it’s an economic decision, really. The industry no longer benefits from championing books that the establishment would rather you did not read — a major change from centuries of publishing history. Why it happened? Well, mainly, there are … Read more