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4 thoughts on “Are You Afraid of Public Speaking?”

  1. There was a time that the idea of public speaking terrified me. Then I found myself attending a 12 step program and speaking there. I grew accustomed to public speaking and have no problem with it today. I have had plenty of experience. I have been on television numerous times, radio a few times, and made speeches to my classes in college, preached at several churches, and made presentations to various public organizations. I came to the conclusion that people are going to either accept what I have to say, or they are going to reject it. It makes no difference what platform I use to deliver the message, nor does it matter if my message is to one person or a million. Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business anyway!

  2. Their was a time I characterize myself as shy, and quiet. But once I excepted the call and realized, it was not about me, but obeying the will of the Father. I still get butterfly’s in my stomach when I speak and I just allow the Holy spirit to take over and have His way, So when its about me I would say yes, but when its doing the Fathers will no because I’m not alone He’s with me.

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