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Acquire the practical ministering skills to effectively help people become aware of their self-defeating, disruptive DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS, motivate to change and overcome them, and identify & address the unresolved first-cause, root issues that drive their difficult behaviors.

SoulCare 101:  Ministering to Unsaintly Saints

SoulCare 102: Overcoming Root Issues: Helping People Identify, Address & Resolve First Cause Issues

Have you ever, in your ministering, encountered a BULL (intimidating, controlling, pushy)!?  How about a FOX (good at “put downs”, sarcastic); or a TIME BOMB (keeps things in, but then suddenly blows up!); or a PROCRASTINATOR; or a WHINER; or a KNOW-IT-ALL – even a FAKE KNOW-IT-ALL !?

HOW DO YOU HANDLE THESE FOLKS & THEIR DISRUPTIVE, OFTEN DIVISIVE DIFFICULT BEHAVIORS, so to keep the peace in your church or ministry?  Or, do you just pray the Lord leads them to that other church down the street!  : )  

These 2 unique courses WILL equip you with profound understandings of WHY folks (even Christians) have these problems, but more importantly, how YOU (yes, you!) CAN EFFECTIVELY GIVE THESE FOLKS THE REAL HELP THEY NEED… to actually CHANGE!   

Too often we see these difficult people, identifying them by their particular negative traits, and just hope they change!  In this course we seek to gain that mindset of Christ, Who sees such difficult behaviors, not as identifiers or labels of persons, but challenges to real, transformational ministering: learning how to help people see their need for change, effectively address their behaviors by getting to the root issue, and coach them in the  grace and power in Christ to change….lasting change!

WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US IN THIS VERY INSIGHTFUL & INVIGORATING VENTURE!  You’ll learn much about yourself, too: what tendencies help or hinder your ministering, as well as how to effectively, rightly coach others in the process of transformation in Christ.

FOR MORE INFO, CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW – they will lead you to the introductory webpages to these two courses, and give you the information you need about taking these life-and-ministry changing studies!

ANY QUESTIONS?   Email Course Facilitator/Instructor, NACM Exec Elder at:             [NOTE the period between the first and last names]



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